Web Development

Building a custom solution for your business allows for a fully adapted platform to your organisation’s processes. The software reflects the organisation and integrates with its existing systems.
#django #wagtail #python #angular #fastapi
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WordPress for Large-Scale Sites

For the solution to be successful, it is necessary to have a fast technological solution that does not fail and provides customers with tools that allow them to manage their website independently.
#wordpress #wordpress-multisite #woocommerce #php #react
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Bespoke design for your business: Responsive websites, unique and custom graphic materials, and visual identity.

Integration services

When the solution involves integrating existing software: Dipcode boasts extensive experience with APIs, Web Services, ETL automation, and much more to optimize your processes.

Data Science

Transform your data into actionable insights to make smarter decisions and achieve your business goals.


Outsourcing services are tailored to your needs and consists of the total or partial assignment of technical resources, working remotely.

Distressed software projects

When a project fails after investing a lot of time and money, starting from scratch is not always the best option. Sometimes, a distressed software project can be recovered.

Q.A. Services

Ensure the quality of the software with Functional Tests, Integration Tests, Unit Tests, Performance Evaluations, Security Tests and Automation.

Bespoke Development

Dipcode implements web solutions projects, resorting to open-source technologies, according to the customer’s requirements, with controlled costs and applying engineering processes that assure the software’s security, reliability, and performance.

All web solutions are responsive to be correctly viewed on tablets and smartphones and are optimised for the most widely used browsers.

Maintenance and Support

The support service ensures the solution operates correctly over the years, whether it’s extending the warranty period, preventing new threats, or updating the platforms. A well-executed maintenance plan prolongs the lifespan of the solutions.

Ongoing software development

Dipcode supports the software lifecycle by offering evolutionary maintenance services, allowing clients to acquire new functionalities or modifications to existing ones.

How we Work

Dipcode exists to make its clients’ lives easier.

Trust. Aligning expectations and maintaining transparency at all stages of the project is essential from the kickoff meeting. That is why Dipcode has retained its clients for so many years.

Quality Assurance. Clients expect the solution to be delivered working as promised. Dipcode continuously updates to ensure that its processes and the tools it uses maintain the desired quality.

Cybersecurity. Dipcode stands out as a partner that places security as one of the main pillars of its service. The rise in cyberattacks necessitates this focus.

Specialisation. Investing in a highly qualified team allows for stability. It ensures that all our projects are handled by experienced professionals in the market.