eVotUM – e-voting system

eVotUM – e-voting system


University of Minho




Web development. Integration. Maintenance and Support.


Django (Python)

eVotUM was launched in 2017

Due to its complexity, the development project of the eVotUM electronic voting system required rigorous risk management and a high level of commitment to deadlines and deliverables. The implementation took into account the rules of the University of Minho’s electoral process and the technical mechanisms necessary to guarantee the security of the ballot boxes and votes and eliminate the possibility of fraud.

The development of eVotUM was based on open-source technologies, namely Django, with which the Dipcode team has extensive experience and know-how. Additionally, the system was integrated with the internal services of the University of Minho and with Autenticação.Gov, which allows authentication through the Portuguese Citizen Card.

Before the first election, eVotUM was subjected to various tests to guarantee its correct functioning. Through eVotUM, voters can vote securely and confidentially from any computer with access to the Internet. The voting process included email/mobile phone confirmation steps. Once the vote is confirmed by the voter, it is cast in a ballot box. At no time is it possible to know who voted for whom (there is no storage of this information).


Electronic Voting. Confidentiality. Integrity. Auditability.