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The Portuguese Dental Association has been a Dipcode client since 2010.

The Portuguese Dental Association (PDA) entrusted Dipcode with the challenge of developing its institutional portal, which is a crucial communication channel with the community and a direct interface with its members. Since then, Dipcode has been a strategic partner in web development, launching a new version of the site in 2018 based on WordPress and migrating all content from the previous version.

The main novelty [of this new project] was the creation of a virtual contact desk that offers new services, including, for example, online registrations for all PDA training actions and immediate online payment via ATM references. PDA’s executive director, Laredo de Sousa, reveals that “the current page is the result of a long process, in which teamwork allowed us to overcome the problems and challenges we faced. New functionalities, a more attractive and dynamic layout, intuitive and less complex navigability, mobile-friendliness, and integration with social networks are the key points that guided us in updating the PDA’s electronic page.” (omd.pt)

The Portuguese Dental Association portal is integrated with the Order’s ERP and allows authentication via the Digital Mobile Key (CMD). Through the portal, members can now perform many operations quickly and easily without the need to move physically. Besides the services to members, this portal has functionalities that facilitate the organisation of the annual Congress—a large-scale event that involves managing registrations, speakers, and sponsors.

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