Bankinter Consumer Finance

Bankinter Consumer Finance


BKCF, SIBS Multicert




Web development. Maintenance and Support.


Django (Python)

Bankinter Consumer Finance has trusted Dipcode’s services since 2019.

Dipcode developed a web application for BKCF that allowed for digitising processes and automating tasks and workflows.

This solution aims to facilitate the management of processes related to the subscription of BKCF products and enable digital onboarding through integration with the mTrust solution from SIBS Multicert.

Due to the amount of information on each screen, creating simple and intuitive interfaces that allow quick queries was crucial. On the other hand, the support of the Eurotux group’s data science team was vital to build a statistics module to monitor operations performance.

Information security is critical in this solution, so several layers of security were necessary to guarantee the desired confidentiality.

Process digitization. More speed! More information!