Insurance Management for TrueClinic

Insurance Management for TrueClinic






Web development, Maintenance and Support


Django, Angular

TrueClinic has been our client since 2012

In 2012, Dipcode implemented a technological platform for TrueClinic that enabled the digitisation of all claims management, insurers, medical acts and their providers. This platform, developed in Django (Python) for tailored development flexibility, has evolved over the years to keep up with TrueClinic’s business strategy. Currently, the platform includes advanced features such as online billing, access to statistics, alerts, and integration with partner systems, which always consider data security and privacy.

The constant evolution assures Paula Guedes, “The platform precisely meets our needs. It’s continually being enhanced to keep pace with the evolution of the business itself, with the entire team playing a part in this process.” And she concludes, “[The platform] has been praised by several external entities.” When discussing the daily relationship with Dipcode, the director describes the work as highly dedicated and personalised. “The support is permanent [and] allows us to continue investing in new technological solutions and the continuous evolution of our digital platforms.” (

Security. High Availability. Performance.