The Trust in News Group recently launched its new online store, a Project developed by Dipcode in a partnership that includes the implementation of the media company’s new digital platform.

Dipcode was responsible for developing and implementing the new online store for Trust in News (TIN), which was launched this February. The TIN group is Portugal’s largest in the publishing sector, upon having acquired several publications of the Impresa group for 10.2 million Euros. Among the publications that are a part of TIN, are the Visão, Exame, Exame Informática, the Courrier Internacional, the Jornal de Letras, Caras, Activa, and TV Mais. The group has a total circulation 326 thousand copies, reaching over 1.7 million readers.*

Dipcode develops Trust in News Group’s new online store

The investment on the new online store, is a first step in the global strategy of the TIN Group, which is counting on Dipcode’s collaboration to implement its new digital platform. This partnership is a result of the customer’s trust in Dipcode, based on the experience accumulated by its professionals in the media sector throughout the last years. Dipcode has worked with other notable Portuguese media groups, with longstanding and wide-ranging collaborations.

The partnership between Dipcode and TIN also includes a medium/long-term contract that covers the implementation and development of the client area, which will eventually serve all of the Group’s websites. This process implied the creation of an authentication system that allows users to access the several TIN websites with a single login.

The online store delivers a new experience of purchasing the TIN Group’s publications. The project was developed in WooCommerce, an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress, and is based on a theme conceived from scratch, and custom designed. The product’s final design included a multidisciplinary team, consisting of Dipcode and TIN elements, which allowed the team to attain a solution that addresses the established needs and objectives. The work also included the integration with the client’s internal systems, constituting a relevant added-value.

TIN’s online store is hosted on Eurotux’s Datacenter, with a cloud-based AWS (Amazon Web Services) integration, an alternative that offers great scalability and flexibility. Eurotux’s systems administration team also supported the project within this scope.

Strategically, the TIN Group is placed among the international Giants in the editorial sector. The proactive investment in e-commerce is a source of revenue that propels the publishing sector, looking beyond the traditional business models and taking hold of new branding opportunities.

* Data from the APCT – Portuguese Association for the Control of Printing and Circulation of the Press.


Source: Eurotux